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We are beyond excited to officially offer BY_hand, and extension of our shopping experience at Monet Monet. This is a way for our clients to have access our newest creations no matter where they call “home” for the season. We invite you to join us in this new venture where we create a personalized profile and ship a collection of signature pieces right to your door each season (or as often as you choose). The feedback has been overwhelming and the machines are humming trying to keep up with the demand! Hugs to everyone who has signed up.


For those who know me well, you know my dream for the business has always been to use my craft to empower other women in recovery. The act of being able to “physicalize” therapy as understanding that there is absolute perfection in the imperfections of ourselves and our world. There has been nothing else that has taught me this more than a sewing machine.

As a result of the success of BY_hand, we’re in the planning phase of bringing Love_sewn to life.

Interested in joining BY_hand? 

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