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Exciting stuff happening around these parts......

We are tickled to death to announce we just delivered our first #love_sewn collaboration! This fall I asked Daryl Davis of SEASIDE to meet with me as I was about to make some major changes to my business. Daryl and Robert hold the original vision of SEASIDE and started it from the ground up.... literally. I have been told that as Robert was seeing the first 30 lots come to fruition Daryl was branding our beloved SEASIDE and selling the first of thousands of the infamous SEASIDE t-shirts. One of my favorite moments of our 3 hour meeting was when Daryl asked me why I wanted to speak with her. We were sitting at Amavida in SEASIDE, and I said well look around, I don't know that I could have asked anyone that has believed in their vision and seen it through the way you have. That is what I want, more than anything, to see #love_sewn come to life. As I shared my experiences in business and life I could see the familiar understanding look in Daryls eyes of some paths I have walked. Understanding sobriety, recovery and believing in yourself once again, being the cornerstone of #love_sewn Daryl asked "Would a wholesale order enable you to start this up?" ( I believe she used more eloquent words than that but I can not recall exactly )

It is a dream come true, not only to be in Seaside, but to know that Daryl believed in the vision of #love_sewn. And, was going to be a integral part of bringing #love_sewn from idea to reality it was gonna a BIG way!

We worked together to design a collection that is the essence of SEASIDE, effortless elegance.... and of course insanely comfortable! This first exclusive collection will be sold in the beloved open air market Cabana on the gulf side of SEASIDE. Please stop by and grab a piece of our dream.

I've been working hard at getting our new winter to spring pieces on our online store, facebook store and Etsy...... In between having my brain melted from the computer and chasing these fast growing teenagers ( Laurel pictured on right below) and toddler of mine I have been making gowns for MardiGras and our local LaLumier charitable event.

This winter I made a beautiful new friend Wendy WhiteMcCown, she owns a salon in.... well not just any salon... voted in the top 10 in the nation salon... you go girl! Anyhow, she loves our brand so much she made a special space for us! If you happen to be near St.Charles, LA please stop by and say hello to a new member of our NP family!

Busy, busy new year and so grateful for all of it!

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