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Adjusting our sails.....

I believe that a part of our success has been the willingness to change our direction when life seems to be showing us that it is time.

After 3 beautiful years at MonetMonet we will be shifting ourselves a bit. Our newest Bridal Collection will stay and MonetMonet will be the beautiful event venue that it has always been. We will have a small design studio/shop just around the corner from Monet, in our Live/work home at 147 Arbor Lane this will be officially open on the 18th of October with regular business hours of 10-5.... ish. haha! This space of entire first floor our home has been my production design studio this last year and man I miss working with clients on a day to day basis so.....Im going to merge the two! Having Ash has made working from home essential.... as most of our things are made while he is sleeping! We will picking back up our By_Hand Box program( please send me a note on instagram or reply here or go to our website to sign up!) And every other week we will be heading out on the road to do truck shows around the southeast! Again, if you are interested in hosting a show and becoming one of our ambassadors please contact us through the website..... actually if you want a By_hand box or to host and become an ambassador (free clothes) just please text me! 850-865-1531. Basically what I have going on is I want and need more flexibility and the best part of our brand is that it is one of a kind, exclusive, not see yourself everywhere feel and I want it to stay that way. I have 3 beautiful children that are growing up so fast and a business that allows the flexibility to do new things! If I had a dollar for every time someone said "you should be in New York" I wouldn't need to sew! I aim to do just that, with a pit stop in Atlanta. I will keep you all posted!




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