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..... shenanigans..un-caffeinated yet thoughts and plans to take over the world.....

so much pressure I put on myself to create something meaningful.... or better than the last. its been awhile since I wrote. mostly because I have been chasing our beautiful Ash around and making sure that my two amazing and beautiful daughters feel enough love through this crazy thing I call my life. And then there is our business..... what a team I have beside me this season. 4 amazing young women that poured their heart and soul into my dream and made it their own. This spring and summer has been amazing and it's very hard being a single momma and owning my own business. There is no way we would be still standing if I didn't have the support system that I have... you all know my momma has my back like no other!

So here we are standing looking at our "off season" dead in the eyes, with 3 angels back to college, Kayla and I are moving forward not only to do our day to day tasks, keep the shelves stocked, and dinner on our table, but to embark on one of my biggest dreams. To grow #love_sewn to the capacity to impact, empower and inspire more. If there is one damn thing I am absolutely sure of in this life is that the gift I have been graced with, the design and creativity in business (I truly believe that is a truth), is to empower people from the place of not being enough and shame of wrong doings. Fear...really it's all fear in the end and I believe that the human connection from one soul to another is how we rise and evolve into our true selves.. Shit...did I get deep this morning without a full cup of coffee?... good chances non of this made sense... im gonna publish anyway so I can remove my own guilt of not doing this enough!

So i've made business plans, I have reached out to the divine angels that have been placed in my life to bring this thing to its next chapter and still sewing my butt off! So since its just me and Ash is at his dad's so I have a whole day im gonna chug this cup of coffee, make another and run down stairs and sew... oh damn! I'm suppose to talk about what Im making!! Im making purses and bags and totes and crossbody bags and vests!

I got a bunch of leather from 98 Cows and have been sewing it up! they hit the store tomorrow! AND they will be on sale for Labor Day weekend. the whole store is on sale! 30% off. We have our newest collection out called "coming up roses" that is quite funny because it looks nothing like roses..... and after I named the very edgy, modern, black and grey and olive green and taupe and silver and bronze... leather and silk and a bunch of snaps on everything. I was taken on a trip to California..... and here we were.

So come check it out... continuing to add to instagram for non local peeps, but not as successful as I would like.... oh I did a "house call" with a long time client this week and it was a blast, so i'm available to do that in our slower seasons..just give me a shout! I got to go sew cause it took too long to figure out how to add those two stinking pictures to this thing!

As always thank you for believing in me.



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